Dream Skin

Dream Skin

Cure Your Acne Naturally, Regain Your Self-Confidence, Have the Clear, Smooth Skin You Want

If you suffer from acne, how many times have you said (cried) to yourself, “I’ve tried everything and nothing is working!” Dealing with acne can be extremely frustrating and stressful!  

This exclusive system shows you how to get rid of really bad acne (or even the occasional pimple and everything in-between), really fast and in a way that doesn’t compromise your health, time or wallet.  

If you want to leave the house feeling confident–whether you’re wearing makeup or not–Dream Skin is for you!  

What's Inside

Dream Skin is the only method for adult and teen acne that combines mindset, diet, skincare and environment to create the long-lasting results that you desire. 

  • A 57-page document separated into four sections (mindset, diet, skincare, and environment) that will be your guide for how to get rid of acne. 
  • Victoria’s personal system of envisioning and meditating, backed by science, to adjust your mind to healing (you don’t have to know how to meditate to get started!)
  • A detailed guide of what to eat to get rid of acne–it’s not just leafy greens! 
  • Ultimate skincare primer for all skin needs, whether you’re a pro or just learning about skincare
  • A list of safe at-home and medical treatments on how to get rid of hyperpigmentation on face, neck and everywhere else  
  • How to create the perfect environment for your skin and overall wellness  
  • Extensive list of handpicked and tested wellness products 
  • FREE BONUS when you purchase by end of December 2018: Access to Victoria’s WhatsApp for one-on-one guidance, as often as you want!  

Before & After

"Victoria is amazing. A month after I switched to the vegan diet, I had a serious detox outbreak of acne all over my face and body. I seriously had pimples in places I didn't know were possible. With little to nothing on the subject of detox acne online, I reached out to her for her expert advice. Her remedies and advice not only improved my self esteem but they WORKED at healing my acne in about a month. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from acne. She will save your face!!!” –Alex H.

Most people start seeing rapid results within as little as two weeks. However, because it takes between 28-40 days for complete cell turnover, give yourself at least two to three months for complete healing. 

About Victoria

Victoria’s spent the better part of two decades researching, testing and recommending beauty products and regimens to friends and assisting them in achieving their skin aspirations.  

In her mid-twenties, after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Victoria developed a holistic plan to combat the cystic acne, which is a side effect of PCOS. Now several years later, she’s happy to report being free of cystic acne.  

After healing her own skin issues, Victoria started to pass around what was the beginning of “Dream Skin” (a rudimentary Google Doc with recommendations) to several friends. After seeing friends’ amazing results, Victoria decided to compile all of her skincare knowledge and a ton of scientific research and studies into sharing her method with the world.  

Who is Dream Skin for? Females of all ages (teens & adults) with all types of acne.

Can men use Dream Skin? Yes, however this course is designed for women and their lifestyles.

Safe during pregnancy? Yes! However, get your doctor's approval before starting.

Safe while using acne meds? Talk with your doctors to make sure there's not contraindications.

Does this work just for my face? Dream Skin works for all acne, anywhere on your body!

What about acne scarring? Yes! There's an entire section devoted to scarring.

Does this help with rosacea? No. Dream Skin focuses solely on acne healing.

What is your refund policy? This item is final sale. No refunds will be offered.

Free Bonus!

When you purchase by January 31, 2019, you get a month of free, unlimited, one-on-one assistance with Victoria via Skype and/or text. 


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The intent of the author is to offer information that may be applicable to your healing journey. In the event that you or others use any of the information or other content in this book or website, the author assumes no responsibility for the direct or indirect consequences. While the content is created to provide insight into the world of natural beauty and skincare, Victoria Rose and The Rose Reserve are not certified or licensed in holistic or medical studies. Therefore, the content does not substitute for professional guidance. Please seek a healthcare professional before implementing any of the advice and/or treatments mentioned.